Wait just a cotton pickin’ minute!


I got a note from my oncologist’s office yesterday reminding me I had an appointment to begin my chemo on March 18.

I immediately called them up and reminded them that I have an appointment to begin my chemo on March 11.

Moving my date up a week not only moves my first session so that it’s no longer during spring break, but it totally and completely messes up my class’s syllabus! I have chemo fridays scheduled to run without me! Ack!

And maybe with some patients, changing the date has no big effect. But if you change my date, it affects 72 other people — my 70 students, the one professor who’s going to sub for me a time or two, and my teaching assistant!


You cannot change my start date!

So we got it changed back to March 11, TYVM.

My onc is terrific but that office staff leaves much to be desired.



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  1. It’s so difficult to find a good doctor–and pretty much impossible to find both a good doctor and a caring, sensitive, capable staff in the same practice…we’ve been going through it with a receptionist at our family doctor who writes one thing down on the appointment cards, but logs another in their electronic scheduling system. *sighs* Guess it’s time to find a doctor closer to home, anyhow.

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