Purple Mushrooms Go With Everything


Good news! I slept last night! And I feel reasonably OK today.

So I guess this means I’ll get 4 good days out of every 14.


For the Freuds among you: Last night I was dreaming about water, lots of water. I was riding a baby elephant through a shallow lake. In a different dream, I was on a sailboat (and sometimes swimming next to it). In yet another dream, I was in a building that was flooding, the water was flowing down the stairs like a river.

Just before the alarm went off, I was watching a bunch of dummies filming a cluster of tornadoes. The twisters were coming down all around them and they just kept videotaping. One of the guys got picked up and thrown about 100 yards. The alarm went off so I don’t know if he survived.

You can’t beat that for entertainment value.

Gotta love that hydrocodone.

When the purple mushrooms sprout, beautiful things happen.

I woke up with this song in my head.

Sometimes this is how I feel:


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