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Three days of insomnia!

Now, I’m used to a night of insomnia right after my A/C chemo treatment, but this is the first time I’ve been unable to sleep for three nights in a row. It’s even made me cranky. I have to take both the anti-anxiety meds (Lorazipam) and a Benadryl just to get my mind to stop racing long enough to fall asleep.

Last night was the first time I got eight hours. It’s been four, maximum. But last night’s eight was a hard-fought battle. I slept from about 10pm until 2 am, then was awake until about 4:30, then finally fell asleep again (after more Benadryl and anti-anxiety meds) and slept until after 9 this morning.

Well, at least this is the last time I’m dealing with A/C.

Now I’m wondering what the Taxol will do to me.


I’m doing the Half-Way Happy Dance!


Doin' the Happy Dance

I have finished my last A/C session!

I’m officially half way through my chemo! Hurray! I’m wishing I bought some beer, but I have some gin and tonic, so I will celebrate with a little glass!

Half way! Half way! Hurray!

I mentioned that to my onc today and she was happy to see me so thrilled and we talked about how the worst is over because her patients generally report that the taxol se’s aren’t as bad. She’s hoping I won’t be allergic to it like I was to the adriamycin. So am I!

As for the fatigue, she told me my RBCs and WBCs got pretty low last week when I was so tired, but she said by Monday when I did the pre-chemo blood test, everything was back to normal and she was very pleased about that, especially about how it took my bones less than a week to get my blood count back to normal. I guess my bone marrow is as fiesty, stubborn and tenacious as I am! Laughing

Oh – and I haven’t gained any weight, in spite of the apparent bloating. I even lost three pounds since last time!

Woo hooo!

Half way! Half way! Hurray!

Survived my third treatment with A/C


That’s the news of the week: My allergic reaction to the adriamycin did not worsen. The doc has me on prednisone and benadryl; apparently, they’re working. I’m having some trouble breathing today but that’s my usual Thursday routine. Tomorrow I’ll be really tired (so I tidied up a bit today) and next week the bone pain from the neulasta shot will kick in and my bone marrow will be busily making white blood cells. It feels like my marrow is using jackhammers sometimes, it hurts so bad.

I only have one more treatment with this combo, on April 22. Then I start taxol on May 6. Almost half way done!

I have a job interview out-of-state at the end of the month. They wanted to bring me out on (you guessed it) April 22, but I pleaded “medical procedure” and we rescheduled for the 28th through 30th. Keep your fingers crossed and starred! I think I would love this job!

I was feeling well enough last weekend to do some art. I haven’t done anything creative in a long time, certainly since my diagnosis, so I’m feeling good about that. One piece was an Artist Trading Card that I made for my friend who has a Sphinx cat. It was surreal but he loved it.

The second was 11″ x 14″ and I matted and framed it. It’s a wedding gift for a friend in North Carolina. It’s called Presence Defies Solitude. Forgive the copyright; you know how some people like to snag things and use them without permission.

Presence Defies Solitude Original Art

This chemo session made me two-tired