I’m doing the Half-Way Happy Dance!


Doin' the Happy Dance

I have finished my last A/C session!

I’m officially half way through my chemo! Hurray! I’m wishing I bought some beer, but I have some gin and tonic, so I will celebrate with a little glass!

Half way! Half way! Hurray!

I mentioned that to my onc today and she was happy to see me so thrilled and we talked about how the worst is over because her patients generally report that the taxol se’s aren’t as bad. She’s hoping I won’t be allergic to it like I was to the adriamycin. So am I!

As for the fatigue, she told me my RBCs and WBCs got pretty low last week when I was so tired, but she said by Monday when I did the pre-chemo blood test, everything was back to normal and she was very pleased about that, especially about how it took my bones less than a week to get my blood count back to normal. I guess my bone marrow is as fiesty, stubborn and tenacious as I am! Laughing

Oh – and I haven’t gained any weight, in spite of the apparent bloating. I even lost three pounds since last time!

Woo hooo!

Half way! Half way! Hurray!


About Wild Rose

I’m known as Wild Rose, and I was diagnosed with breast cancer on January 8, 2008. I had no insurance, and my income, which wasn’t large anyway, had just been cut by 2/3. This is my story, my thoughts, and the ideas that I dream up or find elsewhere. I hope that other patients and survivors find solace here.

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