Last Chemo Treatment (taxotere) 6/24


Let’s have a virtual block party!

It’s pot luck, bring your favorite food, and also share what you are celebrating, and/or just celebrate with me!

I’ll bring the cake.

I just had my LAST chemo treatment. Forever and ever. The cancer is officially GONE. They gave me a shot to boost my RBCs; the nurse told me it was a $3,000 shot (Good Grief!) but the insurance will cover it. My CBCs were in the pits last week (the 16th) but apparently were up enough for me to do some cleaning last weekend. I cleaned out my faculty office except for a few things I couldn’t carry and will need to go back for.

I feel great! (so far, but we’ll see what happens by Friday). I slept fairly well last night, the insomnia wasn’t so bad. I just took a couple of atavans and I fell back asleep. I don’t know what I’d do without that Atavan. I should get it refilled while I’m out today.

The porta-cath comes out on July 8. (Don’t click if you have a weak stomach). I think it will come out in the doctor’s office.

My last visit with my oncologist is on July 15, at which time she will release me.

On the weekend of July 20 (or thereabouts) I will leave for The Midwest, then on the first weekend of August or thereabouts I will leave for Jellyville, to begin my new job as a Visiting Professor.

We’re having a RL potluck for me here at the house –a combo Cancer Free, Birthday, and Good Luck at the New Job — and y’all are invited.


Block party! Everyone’s invited!


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