Sunday, July 6 – Moving prep, day 2


Panic Attack Level: Green

I really only have two weeks before I’m scheduled to pack up the car and go. Will I make it? If today’s progress was any indication, I think I will. And I might even fit most of the stuff I need to take into my little car.

Today I washed almost all of my clothes, including winter things that had been in storage. The stuff I want went into space bags and compressed. All that’s left are the things I’ve left out that I need to wear for the next two weeks, and things hanging in the closet. I’ll work on the closets in the morning.

Then…the books. I think I will sort into three piles: Library books that need to go back, books I need, books I don’t need. That last pile will go to the used book store. I should be able to get a couple of bucks for the novels. The anthropology books, of course, will come with me.

I’m not looking forward to sorting through the paperwork. Some of it, like taxes and legal documents, will need to come along, either in the car or mailed. The rest of it can be recycled.

Last of all will be the “stuff.” That, too, will get sorted into two piles: keep and yard sale. I have a feeling the yard sale pile is going to be pretty big.

Normally, I would figure that two weeks was more than enough time to sort through all of this, because although it looks like a lot of junk, it’s just that it’s all jammed into a very small space. However, I have an in-office procedure Tuesday afternoon and I can’t expect to do anything else after that. I don’t know how I’ll feel on Wednesday. I’ll probably be fine. The surgeon is just taking out my porta-cath. I’ll be glad to have that thing out from under my skin (literally).

I do have to go back to my faculty office here to finish taking books back to the library, and there are one or two things I need to bring home. I’m thinking that I’ll leave that old printer there and give it to some poor grad student. I have my color printer and I’ll have access to a laser printer at my new university.

I’m wondering if some of the other stuff in that office can just be given away to students…I’ll have to check. I don’t remember what was left. That would save me a big headache.

Even though it’s only 10 PM, I am exhausted (I have been going up and down the stairs from the second floor to the basement, doing laundry for most of the day). I’m going to bed so I can get up fresh and energetic, and ready to do it all again …well, except for the laundry; thank goodness I’m done with that.


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