Degree Body Responsive Solid Deodorant


Let’s put some women’s deodorant to the test. What I am most interested in a deodorant is, does it stop odor, and does it leave my skin sticky so that I can’t shave. Less important is whether it keeps me dry.  Your mileage may vary (in other words, your priorities may be different.) It’s very hard to stay dry if I’m having a hot flash (like I’ve been set on fire!), and I’ve resigned myself to this inevitability. But if a deodorant/antiperspirant can keep me dry through one of my spontaneous combustions, extra points!

I am very concerned about putting aluminum under my arms. While the jury might still be out on whether it causes Alzheimer’s, I don’t plan to take any chances if I don’t have to. I’ve already lost my mind; I don’t want to lose my identity and all my memories, too. (Although some memories I would happily give up.)

I am also interested in finding a deodorant that I can get off my skin when I need to. Some of the available products now do not come off easily and leave my skin feeling so sticky that I can’t shave. If you’ve had your lymph nodes removed, you are probably using an electric shaver, too. We can’t afford to risk a cut and infection without those lovely little lymph nodes t help clear things out; lymphedema is also a serious  concern. I want a deodorant that comes off when I want it to.

Degree anti-perspirantThe first deodorant I tried was purchased and given to me by my mother. I hope there wasn’t a message in that!

Degree Body Responsive is pretty good at keeping you dry and smelling fresh, but if you have to shave with a electric shaver, this one does not come off easily and leaves your skin very, very sticky. Even with new blades, it feels like your shaver is pulling the stubble out with kitchen tongs. Ouch!

I did manage to get it off by scrubbing with soap and a washcloth for about two minutes, but I shouldn’t have to do this.  An exfoliator will work, too. So if your heart is set on Degree, get yourself a good exfoliator, or plan to experience tremendous shaving discomfort.

Because of the issues with stickiness, I have to give Degree two roses.

Solace Rating

Prevents Odor RoseRoseRose RoseRose
Prevents Wetness  RoseRoseRoseRose Rose
Stickiness Half Rose
Overall Rating  RoseRose

About Wild Rose

I’m known as Wild Rose, and I was diagnosed with breast cancer on January 8, 2008. I had no insurance, and my income, which wasn’t large anyway, had just been cut by 2/3. This is my story, my thoughts, and the ideas that I dream up or find elsewhere. I hope that other patients and survivors find solace here.

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