Thanks to everyone who voted (some votes were sent to me privately). I’ve decided to get the wig in picture 1 just for fun (and maybe job interviews! LOL) and will wait on getting another, more “sensible” wig (who needs sensible? This is cancer, baby! I want fun!) for teaching. My friend KD suggested wisely that I wait to see if the hair actually does fall out before spending any more money on wigs. Pic #2 is the beautiful wig my friend from the BCO support group sent me (but in marble brown). Pic #3 is the winning wig, although the old #2 (pictured below it) was a close second. If needed, I will probably get the wig pictured at the bottom, #4, although if I have the money, I’d like to get #3.

Update 3/31/08: This morning I purchased #3/3a in Cherry Cola (the color pictured) from Name Brand Wigs ( They have the best prices on the internet, and the customer service folks are very sweet and helpful. I’ll post a photo of myself in it when it arrives, probably next Monday (4/7).

Update 4/8/08: The new wig (#3) is pretty but it’s too poofy. I look like Rebecca on “Cheers!” I’m exchanging it for wig #4, pictured below, in Ginger Brown (

My new haircut
Almost a week and a bottle of Benadryl later, me without the swelling. That’s an elk tooth necklace I bought from an American Indian woman in Alaska.
My new glasses. A friend called it the “naughty librarian” look. :-)They’re a lot hipper than the wire frame (old lady) glasses I had before.


They were out of black, so I got “espresso,” which is a dark brown similar to my own hair color.


The long wig my friend sent me.


I tried this one but it made me look like Rebecca on “Cheers!”.



Let’s try this one. It looks like my last style before the hair zombies got me.


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  1. Hi WR! I really like no. 2, but I think no. 1 would look good too. No. 3 looks like it might be the best match for your own hair, though–long and elegant.

    Bibliothecula (aka K)

  2. I like #2, #4, and #5. Go for something different than what you have right now!

    And you’re contributing your hair when you cut it to Locks of Love or something similar, aren’t you?

    You rock, WR. I’m anxious to know what you choose.


  3. I’m considering getting my hair cut (next week) in style #5, but more of a “swing,” with the hair slightly longer in the front.

    Great minds think alike!

  4. OK. I totally like No. 3 as an every day wig that resembles your hair. The styling of the “angel” wig is really nice, too, and the color could be fun, though I assume you get to pick the color for the style.

    If you want something different, I say follow Anthroid’s advice. She is brilliant, after all.

    Good luck with the haircut! I bet it will be fab.

    Now I want a wig!

  5. How wild do you wanna get, color-wise? Something like #01 in a henna red would be fun. #03 and #07 are nice and long, or do you want a real change?

    But what do I know?

  6. Hi WR! I like # 3 the best, both the color and the style. But the others would look great too. What color and style is the one your friend is sending? It would be nice to have two different looks, as you said.
    Is that paprika root reddish? I like that too.

  7. I don’t mind getting a *little* wild and change is good (and short is easier to take care of) but I’m not sure if I’ll miss my long hair so badly that I’ll need a long wig just to feel like myself.

  8. Based on comments posted here and sent to me privately, numbers 2 and 3 seem to be winning. I like #2, and the wig my friend is sending is about as long as #3 (but with bangs and in a different color.)

  9. If it’s between 2 and 3, I’d go for 3.

    Either that or number 1. I’m with K/Bibliothecula on that. In fact, I think it would suit the shape of your face well.

    As far as colour goes, brown would work well on #1. Or dark chocolate. The darker the better.

  10. Hi, Madame…

    I like #3, too!

    I love your new haircut and your new glasses rock…very “mischievous academician.” 🙂

  11. I love your new hair cut (with the glasses).

    Did you change your part position or is your long hair picture flopped? I know it’s strange to notice where someone parts her hair … but I’m a little OCD.

    You’re fortunate enough to look fabulous no matter where you part your hair. You go grrrl!

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