Or, Do Bad Things Really Happen in Threes?

Why did I name my art “The Yew Tree”?

I’ve added a link to my blogroll. One of few things I have the energy to do is my art. As I add pieces, please have a look because I can sell the originals or I can have a poster made for you. Art can be put on T-Shirts, Tote Bags, and mugs, just to name a few. Once I finish filling out my unemployment application, I’ll get to work on some art. The links (if they work) will redirect you to my Water Lily Naturals web store. This way I can print labels and not have to run to the post office and get things weighed.

Please check out my artwork.

And I do paint things on consignment, so if you have something in mind, please let me know.

On the bright side, the side effects of the paclitaxel were truly, so far, nowhere near as bad as the A/C, and for that I am grateful.

Here’s the Yew Tree side of my story.

Two weeks before it first became undeniable to me that I had a problem — on Halloween night, 2007 — I had a dream about old, old trees in an old, forgotten cemetery. I had to cross over the cemetery to reach the part of the field where the trees were. It is traditional in Europe to plant Yew trees in cemeteries (not so much, here in the US) but later I realized these were, indeed, Pacific Yew trees. At the time, I had no idea of their significance. Many of the trees were dead. At that point I realized I didn’t belong there, and I got out as quickly as I could. It was not time for me to “cross over.”

Two weeks later, in November, my Paget’s Disease made a cancer diagnosis undeniable.

Six months later, a medicine synthesized from the beneficial chemicals in this lovely plant would be killing cancer cells in my body so that I could continue with life — albeit with a couple of parts missing, but my SO Keith says these things make no difference to him. “Living is sexy,” he says — and not “crossing over” into the land of the deceased.

Now for the bad things. If they indeed happen in threes, maybe things will begin looking up.

  1. I got notice last week from my landlady, the day after I got back from my campus visit interview in New England, that she had rented out my room as of August 1. She said she was that sure I would get the job. Now something’s wrong here. I was one of three people interviewed, which means I only have a 33% chance of getting the job. And the position starts on September 1. So even if I get the job, where do I live for a month?
  2. In the mail on the very same day I got my Eviction By Assumption, I received a written notice from my department that my contract would not be renewed for summer and probably not for fall, either. I am officially unemployed, with two more months of chemotherapy to go.
  3. The third bad thing: I did my taxes and I owe Uncle Sam $388. Instead of getting it all back. The University hadn’t been deducting enough and I didn’t notice.

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