Weird Dream


I had the strangest dream last night. Well, technically, it was early this morning.

In the dream, my 90 year old grandmother was dating this Italian guy with black hair and dark eyes. The guy was in his 40s. Everyone in the family was freaking out because they figured this guy must be up to no good. Why would a middle-aged guy date such an elderly woman?

I went upstairs to talk to my grandmother about it. On the way up, I ran into my cat. Telepathically (remember, this is a dream) my cat said that the guy was probably trying to get my grandmother to put him in her will. That seemed like a reasonable assumption to me. I went into my grandmother’s room, and the guy was there, sitting at her feet and talking to her while she sat in her rocker, crocheting like she always did. It seemed pretty innocent, but I was skeptical.

In reality, my grandmother was 91 when she passed away in 1985. My cat, the one from the dream, passed away a few years ago. She was an old cat, too. I didn’t recognize the Italian guy so for all I know, he might also be dead.

NOTE: I’m not requesting interpretations. Just threw it out there as a head scratcher.  Anyone who might want to comment, leave off all the URLs and links (I don’t allow advertising on this site) and I might consider posting your comment.


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