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One year later. . .


. . . My father died of metastatic pancreatic cancer on March 26, 2009. He was in his mid-seventies.

My Dad

My Dad

His death came as a surprise to us; we knew he hadn’t been well but we didn’t find out about the cancer until six days before he passed.

He was loved by many, and will be greatly missed.

He helped me get through my cancer and treatment, calling me twice a week just to talk and to reassure me that I would be OK. Until right before he became gravely ill, he still called me weekly. He liked to ask me how long my hair was.

In his memory, I measured it today with a ruler. It’s 3.25 inches long now.

I will miss you Dad. Don’t make too much trouble, wherever you are. And save me a seat…until we meet again.